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The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) monitors the air pressure of all four tyres. If the air pressure of one or more tyres is too low, the system warns the driver by indicating the tyre pressure monitoring system warning light in the instrument cluster and operating a beep sound. The system monitors the tyre pressures indirectly using the data sent from the ABS wheel speed sensors.

To allow the system to operate correctly, the system needs to be initialized with the specifi ed tyre pressure (value on the tyre pressure label). Follow the procedure and perform the initialization.

Refer to Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Initialization on page 4-142 .

The warning light fl ashes when the system has a malfunction.

Refer to Warning Lights on page 4-38 .

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System



Because this system detects slight changes in tyre conditions, the timing of the warning may be faster or slower in the following cases:

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Initialization

In the following cases, system initialization must be performed so that the system operates normally.

Initialization method

  1. Park the car in a safe place and fi rmly apply the parking brake.
  2. Let the tyres cool, then adjust the tyre pressure of all four (4) tyres to the specifi ed pressure indicated on the tyre pressure label located on the door jamb of the driver's door (door open).

    Refer to Tyres on page 9-10

  3. Switch the ignition ON.
  4. While the vehicle is parked, press and hold the tyre pressure monitoring system set switch and verify that the tyre pressure monitoring system warning light in the instrument cluster fl ashes twice and a beep sound is heard once.

Initialization method


If the system initialization is performed without adjusting the tyre pressure, the system cannot detect the normal tyre pressure and it may not illuminate the tyre pressure monitoring system warning light even if a tyre pressure is low, or it may illuminate the light even if the pressures are normal.

The system initialization will not be performed if the switch is pressed while the vehicle is being driven.


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