Mazda 2: Transaxle


 Manual Transaxle Operation

Manual Transaxle Shift Pattern The vehicle is equipped with either a 5-speed or 6-speed manual transaxle. The shift pattern for each is shown above. Depress the clutch pedal all the way down

 Automatic Transaxle Controls

Various Lockouts: Indicates that you must depress the brake pedal and hold in the lock-release button to shift (The ignition must be switched ON). Indicates the selector lever can be shifte

 Switches and Controls


 Radar Sensors (Rear)

Your vehicle is equipped with radar sensors (rear). The following systems also use the radar sensors (rear). Blind Spot Monitoring system (BSM) Rear Cross Traffi c Alert (RCTA) The radar sensors (rear) function by detecting the radio waves refl ected off a vehicle approaching from the

 Exhaust System

EXHAUST SYSTEM INSPECTION 1. Start the engine and inspect each exhaust system component for exhaust gas leakage. If there is leakage, repair or replace the appropriate component. (See EXHAUST SYSTEM REMOVAL/INSTALLATION). EXHAUST SYSTEM REMOVAL/INSTALLATION WARNING: A hot engine and exhaust

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