Mazda 2: Sunvisors

When you need a sunvisor, lower it for use in front or swing it to the side.


Vanity Mirrors

To use the vanity mirror, lower the sunvisor.


 Interior Lights

Overhead Lights Front Rear * NOTE (With map lights) The rear overhead light also turn on and off when the front overhead light switch is operated. Map Lights * When the overhead light

 Accessory Sockets

Only use genuine Mazda accessories or the equivalent requiring no greater than 120 W (DC 12 V, 10 A). The ignition must be switched to ACC or ON. Type A Type B CAUTION To prevent accesso

 Cup Holder

WARNING Never use a cup holder to hold hot liquids while the vehicle is moving: Using a cup holder to hold hot liquids while the vehicle is moving is dangerous. If the contents spill, you could


 DTC B00A0:1C

System Malfunction Location Seat weight sensor control module circuit open to power supply Detection Condition WARNING: Detection conditions are for understanding the DTC outline before performing an inspection. Performing an inspection according to only the detection conditions may cause

 Determining Malfunctioning Part (HS-CAN) [Multiplex Communication System]

CAUTION: If the malfunctioning part is detected in the communication line, before disconnecting the related connector for inspection, press the connector in the connection direction to verify that there is no looseness or disconnection. When disconnecting the connector, verify that there is

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