Mazda 2: Seat Belt Warning Systems

If it detects that the occupant seat belt is unfastened, the warning light or beep alerts the occupant.

Refer to Taking Action on page 7-39 .

Refer to Seat Belt Warning Beep on page 7-46 .

Seat belt indicator light (rear seat) (green)

The light turns on when the ignition is switched ON and a rear seat belt is fastened.


 Seat Belt Pretensioner and Load Limiting Systems

For optimum protection, the front seat belts and rear outboard seat belts * are equipped with pretensioner and load limiting systems. For both these systems to work properly you must wear the seat

 Centre-Rear Position Seat Belt

Fastening the Seat Belt Pull the seat belt tongue to the desired length. Insert it into the seat belt buckle until you hear a click sound. Adjust the belt length. To lengthen t

 Child Restraint


 Air Bag Module and Pre-tensioner Seat Belt Deployment Procedures

WARNING: A live (undeployed) air bag module or pre-tensioner seat belt may accidentally operate (deploy) when it is disposed of and cause serious injury. Do not dispose of a live (undeployed) air bag module and pre-tensioner seat belt. If the SSTs (Deployment tool and Adapter harness) are

 Rear Door Latch and Lock Actuator

REAR DOOR LATCH AND LOCK ACTUATOR REMOVAL/INSTALLATION 1. To access the glass installation bolt, position the rear door glass so that the distance from the top of the rear door glass to the upper part of the rear beltline molding is approx. 210 mm {8.27 in}. 2. Disconnect the negative battery ca

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