Mazda 2: Saloon


  1. Bonnet
  2. Windscreen wiper blades
  3. Doors and keys
  4. Fuel-fi ller fl ap
  5. Wheels and Tyres
  6. Exterior lights
  7. Boot lid
  8. Child safety locks
  9. Outside mirror



Bonnet Windscreen wiper blades Doors and keys Fuel-fi ller fl ap Wheels and Tyres Exterior lights Rear window wiper blade Liftgate Aerial Child safety locks Outside mirror

 Essential Safety Equipment

Important information about safety equipment, including seats, seat belt system, child-restraint systems and SRS air bags.



 Front Axle

FRONT AXLE LOCATION INDEX Hub bolt Wheel hub, steering knuckle WHEEL HUB, STEERING KNUCKLE INSPECTION Wheel Bearing Play Inspection 1. Position a dial gauge with a magnetic base against the wheel hub as shown, and measure the wheel bearing axial play. If it exceeds the specification, replac

 DTC B00A0:81/B00A0:87/B00A0:8F

System Malfunction Location Detection Condition WARNING: Detection conditions are for understanding the DTC outline before performing an inspection. Performing an inspection according to only the detection conditions may cause injury due to an operating error, or damage the system. When per

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