Mazda 2: Pictorial Index

Interior, exterior views and part identification of your Mazda.


 Interior Overview (Left-Hand Drive Model)

 Interior Equipment (View A)

Door-lock knob Turn and lane-change signal Lighting control Wiper and washer lever DSC OFF switch Tyre pressure monitoring system set switch i-stop OFF switch Headlight Levelling

 Interior Equipment (View B)

SRS air bags Active driving display Air-conditioning system Rear window defogger switch Audio system Seat warmer switches CD player Accessory sockets External input terminal D


 Add-On Non-Genuine Parts and Accessories

Please note that technical alterations to the original state of your Mazda vehicle can affect the safety of the vehicle. Such technical alterations include not only the use of unsuitable spare parts, but also accessories, fi ttings or attachments, including rims and tyres. Genuine Mazda P

 Neutral Switch

NEUTRAL SWITCH INSPECTION 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the neutral switch. (See NEUTRAL SWITCH REMOVAL/INSTALLATION). 3. Inspect for continuity between the neutral switch terminals using an ohmmeter. If not as specified, replace the neutral switch. (See NEUTRAL SWITCH

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