Mazda 2: Interior Trim


  1. Inner garnish
  2. Meter hood
  3. Ventilator grille
  4. Dashboard
  5. Dashboard under cover
  6. Glove compartment
  7. Lower panel
  8. Knee bolster
  9. Front side trim

  1. Headliner
  2. Trunk side trim
  3. C-pillar trim
  4. Sail inner garnish
  5. Rear door trim
  6. B-pillar lower trim
  7. Shock absorbing pad
  8. B-pillar upper trim
  9. Front door trim
  10. A-pillar trim
  11. Column cover
  12. Sunvisor
  13. Assist handle
  14. Side panel
  15. Side wall
  16. Front console component
  17. Rear console
  18. Front scuff plate
  19. Floor covering
  20. Rear scuff plate

  1. Liftgate recess
  2. Liftgate lower trim
  3. Liftgate upper trim
  4. Trunk end trim



DASHBOARD REMOVAL/INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the following parts: Glove compartment (See GLOVE COMPARTMENT REMOVAL/INSTALLATION). Dashboard under cover (See D

 Center Ventilator Grille

CENTER VENTILATOR GRILLE REMOVAL/INSTALLATION Removal 1. Route the wiring harness as shown in the figure and pull on the center ventilator grille in the direction of the arrow to remove it. Installa

 Front Console Component

FRONT CONSOLE COMPONENT REMOVAL/INSTALLATION 1. Shift lever to neutral position. 2. Remove the following parts: Rear console (See REAR CONSOLE REMOVAL/INSTALLATION). Side wall (See SIDE WALL REMOV



WARNING Always check that the bonnet is closed and securely locked: A bonnet that is not closed and securely locked is dangerous as it could fl y open while the vehicle is moving and block the driver's vision which could result in a serious accident. Opening the Bonnet With the vehicle p

 Operating Tips for Audio System

WARNING Always adjust the audio while the vehicle is stopped: Do not adjust the audio control switches while driving the vehicle. Adjusting the audio while driving the vehicle is dangerous as it could distract your attention from the vehicle operation which could lead to a serious acciden

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