Mazda 2: Hazard Warning Flasher

The hazard warning lights should always be used when you stop on or near a roadway in an emergency.

Hazard Warning Flasher

The hazard warning lights warn other drivers that your vehicle is a traffi c hazard and that they must take extreme caution when near it.

Depress the hazard warning fl asher and all the direction indicators will fl ash. The hazard warning indicator lights in the instrument cluster fl ash simultaneously.




 Brake System

Foot Brake This vehicle has power-assisted brakes that adjust automatically through normal use. Should power-assist fail, you can stop by applying greater force than normal to the brake pedal.

 Emergency Stop Signal System

Your Mazda is equipped with an emergency stop signal system that is designed to determine whether you are depressing the brake pedal with greater force than during normal braking such as in a sit


 Foreword [Audio]

NOTE: Note down all radio programs set by the customer prior to the repairs. Reset all radio programs and adjust the time after the repairs. Troubleshooting Index Quick Diagnostic Chart (Entire Audio System) CONFIRMATION STEP 1: AUDIO SWITCH CONFIRMATION Verify the customer complaint and i


CONDENSER REMOVAL/INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Collect the refrigerant. (See REFRIGERANT CHARGING). 3. Drain the engine coolant. (See ENGINE COOLANT REPLACEMENT] ). 4. Remove the following parts: Front bumper (See FRONT BUMPER REMOVAL/INSTALLATION). Seal board uppe

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