Mazda 2: General Procedures

Wheel And Tire Removal/Installation

1. When installing the wheels and tires, tighten the wheel nuts in a criss-cross pattern to the following tightening torque.


Tightening Torque

Suspension Links Removal/Installation


1. For the joint sections with rubber bushings, raise the vehicle using a lift and temporarily tighten the installation nuts and bolts, then tighten them to the specified torque with the vehicle placed on the ground.

Brake Lines Disconnection

1. If any brake line has been disconnected at anytime during a procedure, add brake fluid, bleed the brakes, and inspect for leakage after the procedure has been completed.

EPS Related Parts

1. Make sure that there are no DTCs in the EPS memory after working on EPS related parts.

If there are any codes in the memory, clear them.


 Wheel Alignment Pre-inspection

1. Park the vehicle on a level ground, in an unloaded condition*, and with the wheels straight forward. *: Unloaded condition.....Fuel tank is full. Engine coolant and engine oil are at specified l

 Wheel and Tire Specification

Standard tire *3 Verify the tire label attached to the actual vehicle on vehicles without TPMS. Spare tire WHEEL BALANCE ADJUSTMENT (ALUMINUM ALLOY WHEEL) CAUTION: Adjust the outer wheel balance

 Wheel Unit ID Registration

NOTE: After the wheel unit replacement, registration of the wheel unit identification codes must be performed. ID registration can be done using the M-MDS, or not using the M-MDS. Using M-MDS 1


 Symptom Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Index Use the chart below to verify the symptoms of the trouble in order to diagnose the appropriate area. AIR BAG SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAM (SYMPTOM TROUBLESHOOTING) NO.1 AIR BAG SYSTEM WARNING LIGHT DOES NOT ILLUMINATE Diagnostic Procedure When performing an asterisked (*)

 Drive Selection

Drive selection is a system to switch the vehicle's drive mode. When the sport mode is selected, vehicle's response against accelerator operation is enhanced. Use the sport mode when higher vehicle response is required such as merging onto expressway or accelerating to overtake. CAUTION D

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