Mazda 2: General Information

Mazda 2 2007-2014 Service Manual / General Information


 How To Use This Manual

Range of Topics This manual contains procedures for performing all required service operations. The procedures are divided into the following five basic operations: Removal/Installation Disas

 Service Cautions

Injury/damage Prevention Precautions Depending on the vehicle, the cooling fan may operate suddenly even when the ignition is switch to off. Therefore, keep hands and tools away from the cooling

 Electrical System

Electrical Parts Battery cable Before disconnecting connectors or removing electrical parts, disconnect the negative battery cable. Wiring Harness To remove the wiring harness from the clip i


 Front Fog Lights

Can be used when the ignition is switched ON. Use this switch to turn on the front fog lights. The front fog lights will improve visibility at night and during foggy conditions. To turn the front fog lights on, rotate the fog light switch to the or position (the fog light switch retur

 Determining Malfunctioning Part (HS-CAN) [Multiplex Communication System]

CAUTION: If the malfunctioning part is detected in the communication line, before disconnecting the related connector for inspection, press the connector in the connection direction to verify that there is no looseness or disconnection. When disconnecting the connector, verify that there is

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