Mazda 2: DTC Table


 Symptom Diagnostic Index

Confirm trouble symptom using the following diagnostic index, then go to appropriate troubleshooting chart. Diagnostic Index CONTROL SYSTEM DEVICE AND CONTROL RELATIONSHIP CHART

 Intermittent Concern Troubleshooting

Vibration Method 1. If malfunction occurs or becomes worse while driving on a rough road or when engine is vibrating, perform the steps below. NOTE: There are several reasons vehicle or engine vibr

 Engine Control System Operation Inspection

Main Relay Operation Inspection 1. Verify that the main relay clicks when the ignition switch is turned to the ON position, then off. If there is no operation sound, inspect the following: Main r


 Neutral Switch

NEUTRAL SWITCH INSPECTION 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the neutral switch. (See NEUTRAL SWITCH REMOVAL/INSTALLATION). 3. Inspect for continuity between the neutral switch terminals using an ohmmeter. If not as specified, replace the neutral switch. (See NEUTRAL SWITCH

 Charcoal Canister

CHARCOAL CANISTER REMOVAL/INSTALLATION CAUTION: Disconnecting/connecting the quick release connector without cleaning it may cause damage to the fuel pipe and quick release connector. Always clean the quick release connector joint area before disconnecting/connecting using a cloth or soft

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