Mazda 2: Customer Information

Mazda2 DJ 2014–2022 Owners Manual / Customer Information

Important consumer information including warranties and add-on equipment.



 Registering Your Vehicle in A Foreign Country

Registering your vehicle in a foreign country may be problematic depending on whether it meets the specifi c emission and safety standards of the country in which the vehicle will be driven. Con

 Add-On Non-Genuine Parts and Accessories

Please note that technical alterations to the original state of your Mazda vehicle can affect the safety of the vehicle. Such technical alterations include not only the use of unsuitable spare p


 Rocking the Vehicle

WARNING Do not spin the wheels at high speed, and do not allow anyone to stand behind a wheel when pushing the vehicle: When the vehicle is stuck, spinning the wheels at high speed is dangerous. The spinning tyre could overheat and explode. This could cause serious injuries. CAUTION Too

 Interior Trim

INTERIOR TRIM LOCATION INDEX Inner garnish Meter hood Ventilator grille Dashboard Dashboard under cover Glove compartment Lower panel Knee bolster Front side trim Headliner Trunk side trim C-pillar trim Sail inner garnish Rear door trim B-pillar lower trim Shock absorbing pad B

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