Mazda 2: Brakes


 Dynamic Stability Control System

DYNAMIC STABILITY CONTROL SYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAM ON-BOARD DIAGNOSIS On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Test Description The OBD test inspects the integrity and function of the DSC and outputs the result


1. The ABS warning light and/or brake system warning light and/or DSC indicator light illuminate even when the system is normal. *1 In case where the light may illuminate, only when the DSC HU/CM

 Symptom Troubleshooting

Verify the symptoms, and perform troubleshooting according to the appropriate number. *1 DSC system function contains traction control function, DSC indicator light goes on and out while DSC o


 Keyless Entry System Wiring Diagram [Keyless Entry System]

SYMPTOM TROUBLESHOOTING CHART [KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM] TROUBLESHOOTING INDEX [KEYLESS ENTRY SYSTEM] Refer to the general information and check the basic troubleshooting procedure. The keyless entry system is controlled by the BCM. The phrase "All doors" includes the liftgate. KEYLESS ENTRY SY

 Scheduled Maintenance

NOTE After the prescribed period, continue to follow the described maintenance at the recommended intervals. As the result of visual examination or functional measurement of a system's operation (performance), correct, clean, or replace as required. (Inspect, and if necessary repl

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