Mazda 2: Bottle Holder

Bottle holders are on the inside of the front doors.

Bottle Holder


Do not use the bottle holders for containers without caps. The contents may spill when the door is opened or closed.


 Storage Compartments

WARNING Keep storage boxes closed when driving: Driving with the storage boxes open is dangerous. To reduce the possibility of injury in an accident or a sudden stop, keep the storage boxes clos

 Removable Ashtray

The removable ashtray can be fi xed and used in either of the front cup holders. WARNING Only use the removable ashtray in its fi xed position, and make sure it is completely inserted: Using an

 Maintenance and Care

How to keep your Mazda in top condition.


 Lighting Systems

LIGHTING SYSTEMS LOCATION INDEX Back-up light switch Front combination light Auto light sensor Side turn light Front fog light Cargo compartment light Rear combination light High-mount brake light License plate light Interior light Hazard warning switch Light switch Combination switc

 Symptom Troubleshooting

Verify the symptoms, and perform troubleshooting according to the appropriate number. *1 DSC system function contains traction control function, DSC indicator light goes on and out while DSC operates *2 DSC indicator light goes on and out while DSC operates NO.1 ANY OF THE FOLLOWING LIGHTS

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