Mazda 2: Body and Accessories

Mazda 2 2007-2014 Service Manual / Body and Accessories


 Foreword [Immobilizer System (Keyless Entry System) ]

DTCs are recorded in the PCM and instrument cluster when a malfunction is detected. The stored DTCs can be verified using the flashing pattern of the security light and M-MDS. There are some

 DTC Table [Immobilizer System (Keyless Entry System) ]

NOTE: The security light flashes or illuminates under the following conditions when the ignition is switched to off or ACC. There is a malfunction: DTC 16 or below: Flashes for approx. 1 min

 Foreword [Multiplex Communication System]

If the CAN system is considered to be the cause of the malfunction based on the repair order form and the malfunctioning symptom, follow the Troubleshooting Procedure. DTCs are also output due t


 Message Indicated on Display

If a message is displayed in the centre display (Type C/Type D audio), take appropriate action (in a calm manner) according to the displayed message. Stop Vehicle in Safe Place Immediately If the following messages are displayed in the centre display (Type C/Type D audio), a vehicle syst

 Foreword [CD Player]

Troubleshooting Index NO.1 CD PLAYER DOES NOT LOAD THE CD OR EJECTS THE CD IMMEDIATELY Diagnostic procedure NO.2 CD PLAYER DOES NOT EJECT THE CD Diagnostic procedure NO.3 CD PLAYER DOES NOT PLAY THE CD/NO SOUND Diagnostic procedure NO.4 SOUND JUMPS Diagnostic procedure NO.5 CD PLAYER

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