Mazda 2: Appearance Care


 Exterior Care

The paintwork on your Mazda represents the latest technical developments in composition and methods of application. Environmental hazards, however, can harm the paint's protective properties, if

 Interior Care

WARNING Do not spray water in the cabin: Splashing water on electrical parts such as the audio unit and switches is dangerous as it could cause a malfunction or a fire. Instrument panel Precauti

 If Trouble Arises

Helpful information on what to do if a problem arises with the vehicle.


 Front Oil Seal

FRONT OIL SEAL REPLACEMENT 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the drive belt. (See DRIVE BELT REMOVAL/INSTALLATION). 3. Remove in the order indicated in the table. 4. Install in the reverse order of removal. Crankshaft pulley lock bolt Crankshaft pulley Front oil seal Crank

 Refrigerant Pressure Switch

REFRIGERANT PRESSURE SWITCH REMOVAL/INSTALLATION 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Collect the refrigerant. (See REFRIGERANT CHARGING). 3. Remove the ground from the engine mount No.3. 4. Remove the air cleaner installation bolt and slide the air cleaner component aside. 5. Disconnec

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