Mazda 2: Air-Conditioning System


 Operating Tips

Operate the air-conditioning system with the engine running. To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not leave the fan control dial on for a long period of time with the ignition

 Vent Operation

Adjusting the Vents Directing airfl ow To adjust the direction of airfl ow, move the adjustment knob. NOTE When using the air conditioner under humid ambient temperature conditions, the system

 Manual Type

Type A Type B Type C Type D Control Switches Temperature control dial (Type A/Type B/Type C) This dial controls temperature. Turn it clockwise for hot and anticlockwise for cold. (


 ON-Board Diagnostic Wiring Diagram [BCM]

DTC INSPECTION [BCM] 1. Connect the M-MDS (IDS) to the DLC-2. 2. Verify the following vehicle conditions: Switch the ignition to ON. All the switches are turned off (except the ignition switch). All the doors, hood, liftgate are closed. All the doors, liftgate are unlocked. All the seat be

 Turning the Engine Off

WARNING Do not stop the engine while the vehicle is moving: Stopping the engine while the vehicle is moving for any reason other than in an emergency is dangerous. Stopping the engine while the vehicle is moving will result in reduced braking ability due to the loss of power braking, which c

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